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Some of the kittens and cats available for adoption:

Below is a list of cats and kittens currently ready for adoption. Please note that while some of the photos may be a bit outdated, estimated birth dates are included in the description when known.

All prospective adoptors are required to complete an Application for Adoption and, if approved, to sign a Contract of Adoption listing the terms of the adoption agreement.

There is a $75.00 adoption fee.


Diem is a gorgeous little girl dressed in black and white. She has a very sweet, affectionate personality and is rather talkative. (bb)  late Apr.05


This is Momma. A pretty grey/white DLH, she and her tiny litter of 3 were found by a good Samaritan. They had been tied in a pillowcase and left in the hot summer sun. Gentle but extremely shy, who knows what else they suffered before being found. F/S

W.C. and Mae

Half of a litter of four (Shemp and Theda are white with little black hats, tails, and a couple small black spots) W.C. is grey and white, and Mae is black with a few white hairs. All are very friendly and would bring a lot of love to a special home.  (bb, brief) early May, 05

This sweet little longhair is very gentle and loving. Black with a locket of white, she is looking for a permanent someone to give her love to. She does have periodic upper respiratory issues and needs regular brushing.
 Mandy is the first little girl of Momma's litter. Quiet and shy, with a gentle owner she could be a loving companion.


Cat in the Hat (aka Darth Bobo)

One of three semi-feral cats rescued from NW Missouri, this little boy has become affectionate and personable, but has a behavoir quirk that some may find annoying. Lacking early socialization with humans, he tries to relate to you as a cat and occasionally gently nips or holds you with his mouth. He does not do this agressively and has not broken skin. He has so much love to give a special, understanding person. Medium-hair, light to moderate grooming  late Aug/early Sept. 03

Thing One (aka Dark Clown One)

Thing One has been adopted!


Kali is a medium haired brown tabby that looks a bit like a Maine Coon cat, without the extra large size. Sweer and quietly affectionate she would be good for an older person. long-haired, light to moderate grooming.  Apr 02

Sir Gawain

Gawain has been adopted!


Devi has been adopted!!

Thing Two

Thing Two has found her forever home!

Less shy and a bit more playful than Momma and her brother and sister. Lovely grey DMH, F/S
Stripes (and Indy)
Stripes has found a home, but his red tabby brother, Indy, is still waiting.
Shemp and Theda

Littermates to W.C. and Mae, Shemp (on left) is a handsome, loving boy with a black patch on his head reminiscent of the hairstyle worn by Shemp and Moe Howard (3 Stooges). Theda Bara was a sultry 20's silent film star, and her little namesake tries to grab all the attention as well.  (bb brief) early May 05