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May 12:

And homeless near a thousand homes I stood,
And near a thousand tables pined, and wanted food.

We will be participating in the North Shore Animal League's Adoptathon! We will be at Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital on Buttonwood Drive in Columbia, MO on May 28th with some of the kitties!                                                                                                                                                            
Hi! We are looking forward to a great year with hopes of placing every kitty in their forever home!  We ask you to consider adoption for your next pet.  Thousands of wonderful animals are euthanized every year for no other reason than they have no place to live.   

Our purpose is not that of a permanent home for cats, but as a means of rescue and a chance at life for unweaned abandoned and orphaned kittens under 6 weeks. Please consider giving one of our adoption ready kitties a home. Not only will you be giving yourself a gift of unconditional love, but you will be freeing space for a new tiny waif who otherwise may die.
the millions of unwanted, abandoned, orphaned and lost pets that are left to brave the elements. Cold, hungry and surrounded by dangers, their little lives are brief and filled with misery. Please don't forget them. Help where you can through donations or volunteering and spread the word to spay and neuter.

   It saddens me to say that we have reached maximum capacity. This means we will be unable to save new little lives unless we can place the kittens and cats that are ready to go.  These are not someone's rejects. Do you have room in your heart and home for a loving forever friend?                              

Considering giving a pet? May we suggest a basket of toys and pet related items with a 'gift card'. These gift certificates allow the recipient to discuss whether the time is right to add a cat to their life, and choose their own kitty. They are valid for 4 months from date of issue, and are refundable for 30 days from date of issue just in case a kitty is not appropriate at this time. Please note that all recipients must meet our adoption requirements. And please remember you are also giving a lifetime of responsibility. Many surprise animal gifts end up in shelters, cheated of the happy ending the giver intended.

Kali and Devi wait for a special loving home. These sisters are very devoted to each other and love people.

  Hamlet's Health Tips and Info:


Do you know cats can contract heartworm disease, too? Just one adult heartworm can have grave consequences for your little feline buddy! This blood-borne parasite is transmitted by mosquito bites and can even affect indoor only cats. Spring is here and it's a perfect time to have your vet vaccinate, perform a routine fecal and prescribe a heartworm preventative.

Purrs and Hisses

Help spread the word about the need to have cats spayed and neutered. Let's make sure that every kitten born is a WANTED kitten, with a safe, loving home waiting.

Purrs to: Dr Greg Jagdfeld of Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital. Our vet since 1992, he is always there when we need him. Thanks for letting us take over a corner of your hospital again this year for our adoption days!

Purrs to:  IAM'S for the WONDERFUL donation of cat food to our rescue!! Words cannot express our thanks!

Thorns to:  Movies and directors that continue to show scenes of animal abuse/violence! We know it exists, it really doesn't help tell your story and there are impressionable kids out there watching. Shame on you!

Purrs to: KBXR and affiliate stations for helping us spread the word about Home 4 the Holidays! Your help is always very generous and extremely beneficial.

Purrs to: Cindy and Dr. Tom Rose for the generous donation of some unused cages. With a little bit of work these will be excellent isolation cages! 

Thorns to: people who do not spay or neuter, and those who raise animals to make money. SHAME ON YOU!! Do you know how many animals are killed every day just for lack of a home? How many of you breeders rescue as well? If you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem.

List of goodies available for a donation:

Stuffed kitties: these 4" kitties come in black, grey, brown, buff and white. requested donation: 3.00  (please send 1st and 2nd choice color)

Handmade organic catnip mice. I grow the catnip, the shell is cotton, with a short, sewn-in cotton tail. They are as safe as I can make them, my own cats play with them. requested donation: $1.00 each

note: if you could, please send a little extra to help offset the cost of shipping and packaging. Thank you from the bottom of our furry hearts!!

Your kind gift helps cover the cost of food, medical care, and needed supplies. We have no salaries/administrative fees. ALL of your donation goes directly to help the kitties!

Send donations/orders to: Bast's Treasures, PO Box 366, Fayette,  MO, 65248



Our Wish List!

These are items that we are in need of, some desperately.

Pro-Biolac powdered kitten formula from Vet Solutions

Bene-Bac pet gel      to help combat the occasional bout of diarrhea

Science Diet kitten and cat food- dry, please

Tidy Cats cat litter- regular (not scoopable)

Bath towels (app 24x36) for beds and cleaning the inevitable dirty kitten

We desperately need a neonatal incubator! We are looking for old human infant incubators that are still useable (even if the heater doesn't work).

We are looking into microchiping all adoptees, but to date it has proven cost prohibitive. We do think it is important however, so funding assistance would be wonderful!!

And monetary donations for disinfectant, vaccinations and medical care, etc are ALWAYS welcome and needed!!!